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The Players

It's All About...

The current lineup are veterans of the bands of Basie, Ellington, Lionel Hampton, James Moody, Christian McBride, the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and more, as well as Broadway orchestras and their own groups.

Dave Glasser, alto; Ralph Lalama, tenor; Billy Drewes, tenor; Andrew Hadro, bari

Sam Hoyt, Dave Smith, Scott Engelbright, trumpets

Ed Neumeister, Matt McDonald, Dale Turk, trombones

Todd Coolman, bass; Alan Simon, piano; Matt Wilson, drums


Charts are by Chris Gulhaugen, an arranger with a varied history in the business: composer, player, copyist, contractor, roadie, administrator, and Ed Neumeister, a composer and arranger with his own record as leader and sideman.  More charts are coming from the players.



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